The Top 30 Fashion Influencers and Bloggers You're Missing Out On

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Search "Fashion Blog" on Google and you'll find over 6 BILLION results. No joke. 

We know that most of our readers are familiar with popular online and in print publications like Vogue, Esquire. You might even follow large sites like Fashionista, The Everygirl, and The Fashion Spot. 

But what if you want to find cute boutique tops that will stand out from the things that everyone else is seeing as well?

Well that's easy, you read different blogs then them! 

Circle back to the 6 billion fashion blogs online now. Unfortunately, not all of them are good, or even decent. Some of them won't vibe with your personal style. 

To help solve this problem we've compiled a list of 30 fashion bloggers and influencers who are phenomenal, but who a lot of our readers may not know about yet! 


Top Fashion Influencers and Bloggers

Now, we realize not all of these blogs will fit your style, so we've tried to present a wide variety.

We also left out some of our favorite blogs that are bigger, there are plenty of lists out there that cover the same 20 top end fashion blogs. 

So... without further rambling, lets get shopping! 


1.      Glamgerous

The first blog on our list is also the one you’re mostly likely to know about. This blog is brought to you by Camilla Sentuti, and Italian in New York as she’ll tell you herself! Along with fashion, shopping and beauty you’ll find posts on lifestyle and the Big Apple.

When you stop by check out her “looks” section, it is filled with great looks that you can re-create for yourself!

Visit Glamgerous


2.      Cindy Spivey

Another of the more popular of our selections, Cindy has been blogging about fashion, fitness and skin care since 2009.

For our readers who are nearing (or already past) 40, Cindy is an inspiration as she continues to be trendy, stylish and coming up with looks that we commonly replicate!



3.      Penny Pincher Fashion

Anyone can afford the styles you find on Penny Pincher Fashion as she rarely features anything over $100. This blog is proof you can look amazing without spending an arm and a leg!

To go along with the normal seasonal sections of her blog you’ll find an “under $100” and “under $50” breakdown so you can really narrow in on what fits, both you and the budget!

Visit Penny Pincher Fashion


4.      Fashionably Kay

This is the first of many blogs that has a fairly big following that could, and maybe should, be much larger! Mckayla has a phenomenal taste for neutral yet interesting colors and shoes!

As a bonus, in early 2019 a “Wedding” section was added to the blog to follow her through the wedding process as she prepares for the big day! This includes engagement photos, dress selection and more!

Visit FashionablyKay


5.      Something Beautiful

Born of a lifetime love of fashion and the need for a creative outlet, this by Daryl-Ann Denner has quickly become on of our favorites! This girl definitely succeeds in her goal to help inspire every woman feel like ‘Something Beautiful”.

Also, as a new mom the section of her site dedicated to pregnancy and baby clothing has amazing ideas for that stage of your life!

Visit Something Beautiful


6.      Jetting Jewels

Jetting Jewels is Lydia Webb’s little corner of the interwebs and shows off her personal style and beauty tips. Lydia covers a wide variety of topics and has a great little “family” section.

This blog has a selection of styles from different seasons, beauty roundups and products and some really fun gift guides!

Visit Jetting Jewels


7.      Gal About Town

A blog from the biggest state for those on the tightest of budgets, Lynlee from “Gal about Town” does an amazing job bringing stylish looks that won’t cost you more than $100.

If you do nothing else while visiting her site check out the “Girl Talk” section under “Lifestyle”. Lynlee’s rants, opinions, and frustrations about the current dating scene are both relatable and very fun to read!

Visit Gal About Town


8.      The Perennial Style  

The only site in our list run by sisters, the three flowers sisters each add their unique style and fashion sense to a site that covers fashion, travel, events, beauty and home.

Two things these girls do extremely well is shop for bargains and keep up with the newest trends. Not only do they keep up with what will be hot in the coming season but they often give you ideas for how to do it inexpensively!

Visit The Perennial Style


9.      Allyson in Wonderland

The name of this blog brings us back to one of our favorite childhood books which already made it a winner in our books. Then we got to looking around and Allyson has an amazing assortment of styles and looks that caters to any imaginable occasion.

The clean styling and amazing photography on this site really makes it easy to get lost browsing for far longer than you expected!

Visit Allyson in Wonderland


10. Trendy Not Spendy

Not too long ago we were reading Jenna’s newest post “Pants should be Optional” and realized, once again, why we love this site. As with all the sites on this list, we like the fashion element, but with Trendy Not Spendy the writing is worth a visit as well!

Jenna also has a very unique look when it comes to the “dress for less” category. She continually finds colors, styles, and patterns that don’t often show up on other sites helping those on a budget!

Visit Trendy not Spendy


11. Kat Walk SF

Kat Walk SF is brought to you by Kathleen Ensign, who has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years and with that comes a perspective not many can match. With that background you’d expect her to nail fashion, but she also excels with beauty, food and jewelry tips.

Lastly, her “Friday Forecast” and “Tuesday Shoesday” look at an item that is really trendy right now and explains the how/why/when to wear it!  

Visit KatWalkSF


12. Itsy Bitsy Indulgences

Shannon Pulsifer has built a blog on balanced living with a site focused on fashion, family and a healthy life. Her style is much more understated than many other bloggers and we love it, we could often see ourselves in her outfits!

Unique to Shannon’s site is her monthly Q+A articles, that give great insight into her thoughts on a wide variety of topics!

Visit Itsy Bitsy Indulgences


13. One Small Blonde

Brooke from One Small Blonde sums up her personal style as simple, sophisticated, and chic, and we would add “well done”. This blog is a great example of how you don’t need to be overstated or flashy to be fashionable if that is what you choose.

Fashion isn’t the only thing that Brooke does well though, we love her taste in home décor. Lastly, if you’ve thought of starting a blog yourself you can learn a lot from her “Blogger Boss” section!

Visit One Small Blonde


14. Kelly in the City

While at it’s core Kelly in the City is a fashion blog, Kelly has really tried (and succeeded) in making it a well-rounded site that displays the things that matter to her. A great example of this is the details and openness she put into the series on her wedding.

Unique to Kelly’s site is the fact her husband Mitch has a section of the blog himself, where you get a male’s perspective on kids, holiday shopping and food!

Visit Kelly in the City


15. The Closet Crush      

New York always seems to be a step ahead of the rest of us, and one of our favorite blogs to follow for the next trend is Alina’s “The Closet Crush”.  From a grey sweater dress one day to sporting a white suit the next, you’ll find a wide variety of styles covered on this site!

Speaking of white suits and sweater dresses, professional women will love the section dedicated to “work wear”. You’ll never run out of ideas for styles to dominate your next big meeting with!

Visit The Closet Crush


16. Liv for Luxury

Inspired by a lifetime love for fashion, work at Ralph Laruen and Club Monaco, and random strangers asking about clothing pieces, Liv Micheli decided to start “Liv for Luxury”. This simple, classy site is one of our favorites for fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

If you’re interested in finding and buying pieces that will be in your wardrobe for years, rather than until the next trend, you would be hard pressed to find a better site to read!

Visit Liv for Luxury


17. Dentelle Fluers

The editor and chief of Dentelle Fluers Gabrielle Lacasse has created a site that is not only about fashion, but arts, photography and writing as well. This site has so much to offer and we find ourselves browsing it even when not looking for fashion!

Thanks to all the traveling Gabrielle does you will see fashion inspired from both coasts and somewhat random places in between, all of which will help you feel your best.

Visit Dentelle Fluers


18. The Vault Files

There is not a lot of extra stuff when you visit The Vault Files. Instantly you are looking at an image that belongs to one of the “files” the site covers which include shopping, food, life, décor just to name a few.

The food file includes healthy recipes that are super tasty, the life file talks about travel, reads, and finds, and maybe most importantly, the fashion files gives you amazing ideas for your wardrobe for the current season.

Visit the Vault Files


19. Tomboy KC

When two friends get together sometimes more than pizza, champagne, and a good time are had (although we hear that happens too). In this case, friends Katie Cassidy and Lynsey Eaton teamed up to create Tomboy KC, a blog focused on personal style.

Katie and Lynsey have done a great job putting together buying guides for not only fashion, but home décor and beauty products as well

Visit Tomboy KC


20. The Fashion Hour

Corporate America has a way in creating some amazing fashion blogs… more specifically, the need for an outlet from corporate America does. That is certainly the case for Natalie Keinan of The Fashion Hour.

In a new series that Natalie just started in 2019 she talks about “Body after Baby”. Being 15 months postpartum she has a candid and unique set of posts about fashion, weight gain, and life after a brand-new bundle of joy joins your life.

Visit The Fashion Hour


21. Mostly Morgan

At only 23, Morgan is the youngest entry into our list and thanks to that she brings something truly unique. This blog started when she was a freshman in college and so many of the pieces of fashion advice are wrapped with the budget and frugalness that age group.

While you are checking out her advice on style and beauty, if you’ve been thinking about blogging yourself, she has a great 3000-word guide to get you started!

Visit Mostly Morgan


22. Lucky Day Blog

Our next entry is Shelby from Lucky Day Blog. She has been blogging for over ten years after starting in high school. Her style is rooted in the Central Florida upbringing and has been validated by winning contests like Kate Spade and Keds.

For those who are young at heart, the section of her site dedicated to Disney simply can’t be beat and will add a unique touch to any wardrobe.

Visit Lucky Day Blog


23. Enticingly Haute

After her high school years were spent watching other fashion bloggers in 2016 Kennedy decided to start Enticingly Haute to do the same for others. With a distinctly southern sense to her style Kennedy consistently uses the perfect mixture of color to create eye catching outfits.

Still in college, Kennedy also does a great job on budget friendly wardrobe ideas and a handful of posts about room decoration!

Visit Enticingly Haute


24. Dessert for Brunch

Started in late 2016, this is one of the newer entries on our list but one that we are definitely keeping our eye on. Esmeralda is great at bringing timely fashion tips for each season and occasions from work to a night on the town.

If you’re stuck on what to get a friend, family member, or that special someone head to her gift guides, she is constantly publishing guides that will, if nothing else, get your gears turning!

Visit Dessert For Brunch


25. Extra Petite

There isn’t a better fashion site that we know of for women of a slight figure than Extra Petite. The voice behind the site is Jean Wang, who herself is just under 5 feet tall and has stated she believes that size and height should never limit your style.

She has put together some great resources that include brands that tend to be petite-friendly, tailoring guides, and styling tips!

Visit Extra Petite


26. A Dash of Details

A Fashion blog should be full of detailed images, right? Assuming you agree then you’ll love A Dash of Details. The blog has a clean feel to it with huge images that dominate most of the screen as you browse through.

While this blog is still somewhat unknown it has been featured in some major publications like Style Me Pretty, Refinery 29, and The Everygirl…. Follow their advice, visit this site!

Visit A Dash of Details


27. Carrie Bradshaw Lied

What started as a small site in 2010 as a way to stay connected to friends Kathleen has grown Carrie Bradshaw lied to a blog that covers topics far and wide. This is one of the few sites on the list that we figure many of our readers know about, but If you don’t you need to visit!

Kathleen has also started to embrace video, which gives her a unique and interesting way to display topics that words just won’t quite be able to cover!

Visit Carrie Bradshaw Lied


28. Nanys Klozet

Daniela’s 2nd blog, Nany’s Klozet has been going since 2010 and has grown and changed a lot over the years. What started as a simple fashion site now has the biggest travel section we know of as well as blogging tips, lifestyle and beauty sections.

A lot of the more recent content is related to her new (ish) role as a mother and she has done a great job exploring this facet of life.

Visit Nany’s Klozet


29. The Darling Detail

When you go to college for fashion merchandising and work at the HQ of a growing fashion brand it’s natural that you would begin a fashion blog, right? We certainly think so, and it’s working for Jessi Afshin, the creator of The Darling Detail.

Jessi has really nailed the “Fashion under $100” space, and we are constantly inspired and impressed with the outfits she finds!

Visit The Darling Detail 


30. SG Style Me

You could definitely do worse than taking fashion and home décor advice from a self-proclaimed professional shopper. Formerly Raving Fashionista, this site has evolved into a bright, clean design that really showcases the styles that are created by the owner, Sarah.

Also, if you need a little extra help, you can fill out a contact form and potentially work 1 on 1 with Sarah either as an individual or a brand!

Visit SG Style Me


Fashion Blog Wrap Up

There you have it, some of our favorite sites for inspiration, fashion, beauty, travel and lifestyle!

Did we miss a site that you feel should be on the list? Comment down below and we'd love to take a look!


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