Spring 2019 Fashion Trends and Boutique Styles

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Spring is officially here! This means you can put away your cold weather coats and sweatshirts and get ready for lighter colors and fabrics! Some of the trends that we were loving in the fall and winter have carried through to the spring and summer of 2019, and we see the return of a couple old favorites as well!

To start off our list, we’ll be looking at florals surge to popularity this spring, followed by the color block trend from this winter carrying over to lighter materials, and finally we look at women’s stretch jeans, and why you need a pair, or three, in your wardrobe!


Floral Dresses, Tanks and Cami's

Spring Fashion Trends are in full swing and with them come floral patterns on a variety of cute boutique tops.  Floral dresses are beautiful, bright and bold and spaghetti straps, cold shoulder, and cap shoulder dresses are all popular.

However, the colors of spring are not the traditional pastel and floral prints. They are bold yellows, bursting turquoise and pops of red. The floral colors we are really loving in 2019 are made of yellows, pinks, reds, and lavender. Thanks to the unpredictability of spring time weather dress length comes in everything from maxi to mini.

The tie-front floral dresses are sassy with a hint of sophistication. They are perfectly paired with your favorite sandal and a pair of white sunglasses. Make a bold statement with a yellow and pink horizontal striped maxi length dress.

If you are more in the market for a casual look try check out our floral spring tank tops or camisoles. One of our other spring favorites, women's stretch jeans, are perfectly paired with a floral tank top. For colder days or nights pair this with a stylish jacket and you’ll be set!

Lastly, who can forget about laying by the pool or sandy beaches now that the sun is out! Healthy is the new skinny recently published an article with a one piece that we love! Does a bikini match your style better? Lady Wimbledon has you covered!

The Mireya Maxi Dress


Color Block Shirts

We’ve been enjoying color block long sleeve shirts all winter, and now that spring has sprung we are simply removing or shortening the sleeves!

Color block shirts make a bold statement in a world of stripes and solid colors. They are flexible too and look great under a jacket with the floral patterns we already mentioned. Color block tops are fun to match with any solid shade skirts, shorts or stretch jeans.

Our favorite thing about the color block trend is it can be applied in so many ways! Below you can see this style paired with both stripes (Khloe Color Block Long Sleeve), and with contrasting prints like an adorable leopard print (Jane Contrast Knot Top).


The Khloe Top and the Jane Contrast Top


Women's stretch jeans

Stretch jeans are my favorite Spring Fashion Trends to mix and match with, they are super easy to wear with everything in your closet. When picking out shoes, they pair well with either flip flops, casual sneakers, or dressed up with a bootie or wedge.

It's fun and easy to match almost any spring occasion with stretch jeans. The spring season is varied that shorts and dresses aren’t always an option, so having a few colors and styles of denim will never go out of style.

Want to get ideas for your spring jeans? Check out Brighton the Day, one of our favorite fashion bloggers and someone who seems to always be wearing a stylish top paired with jeans!


Mix and Match

By sprinkling in these three styles you will be the envy of your friends and the talk of the town this spring. Floral dresses and blouses are essential to your summer wardrobe, color blocking will help you stand out from the crowd, and who doesn’t love a versatile, fashionable pair of jeans?

For two great, and wildly different examples of great mix and match style for this spring visit Not Dressed as Lamb and Pamper and Curves!


Wrap up

The best news is we see a lot of these styles rolling through spring and into summer, especially the floral dresses and color block shirts.

As always, check back on our new arrivals area often! We come out with new styles and items on a weekly basis and they go fast. Don’t miss out on that perfect piece for your closet!

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