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Welcome to CC Reese Boutique!!

We are so excited to have you here and we can't wait to start shopping with you! We want to tell you a little about ourselves and why decided to open an online boutique. Our names are Caitlin and Tracy and we have been friends for almost 20 years. We first met in cosmetology school where our love for all things fashionable started. Over the last 16 years we have both gotten married, started families and both shopped A LOT!!! Which leads us to why we decided to create CC Reese. We were constantly looking for cute clothes that were trendy, but not expensive. Even though we are pushing 40 (well one of us is already 40!) we wanted to stay hip and stylish but didn't want to sell our first born to afford that cute dress! We know how it is to look at your closet full of last years clothes and think - ugh, I just want new and current styles! Not to mention, we want to get them online!!! Who has time for shopping at the mall anymore? This is how the idea for CC Reese Boutique was created. C and C are the initials of Caitlin's two youngest sons Carson and Cannon, and Reese is the middle name of Tracy's daughter Ava. So far, coming up with a name has been our biggest struggle! :) We are so excited to share our love of fashion with all of you and we hope you like our style!! We can't wait to share our picks with you!!

Tracy & Caitlin

Meet Julie!
Julie has created her dream job as a family photographer! She has two growing boys and loves exploring Colorado with them and her husband. Julie loves the beach, but the mountains are her happy place. Yoga and coffee dates with friends fill her bucket! And although she never thought a puppy and sports would occupy all of her free time, her heart is full! Fun fact: Julie can juggle!
Meet Jessica!
Jessica went from a kindergarten classroom to a full time mom! Going on adventures and traveling with her son and her husband is her favorite thing - but tutoring elementary students is close second!  She can never get enough Mexican food or coffee! Although Jessica loves getting dolled up, you can usually find her in yoga pants. But, she almost never leaves the house without lipstick!
Meet Chelsey!
Chelsey is a University of Oklahoma graduate who has a master’s degree in Intercollegiate Athletic Administration! She married her college hunny and they have two daughters! She leads her real estate team and flips houses and develops land. She loves golfing, yoga, and sports.  
Meet Lacey!
Lacey is a Colorado native. She is a hairstylist who loves the outdoors, baseball games, coffee, and getting dressed up! Lacey loves hiking, camping, and skiing, but she also loves fashion! Her style ranges from girly bling to sporty and athletic! Lacey loves rich colors and floral patterns. She enjoys traveling and spending time with her family!

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