5 Reasons to Try Boutique Shopping Online

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Women’s online fashion boutiques have taken the world by storm. You can't go anywhere without seeing someone wearing a piece of clothing from an online boutique. Open Instagram, Facebook, or practically any social media site and you will see the newest boutique products.

Before the boutique boom stores like Macy’s and Nordstrom’s were your best option for somewhat affordable fashion. You then had your brand name stores like Coach and Gucci…. But after that, not much. You can always head to Target or Kohls to do your shopping, but how many other women are doing the same thing!?

If you are still stuck shopping the way you did five to 10 years ago, we are here to convince you to try out CC Reese Boutique. Keep reading so we can explain why it simply makes sense to support your favorite online boutique!


Convenience of Shopping Online

This one probably doesn’t need much explaining, but the first reason to try boutique shopping online is because it's convenient. Online boutiques have sky rocketed since the early 2010's, and it has never been easier to purchase anything and everything online. Boutiques can carry a wide range of products, from cute boutique tops to the hottest shoe trends. Afterall, they don’t have to pay for a big expensive store, cashiers and managers.

This is especially convenient when you have a big event or special type party during a week you have hundreds of things to do. You can’t get to a store, so spend 15 minutes browsing a boutique and your new outfit can be at your doorstep a few days later! No jumping in the car, finding parking, or battling traffic for you!

It’s also nice to no longer worry about crowded dressing rooms, unhappy employees and cashiers, or the lady who decides to grab things off the rack as you’re reaching for them. You can now shop for the newest styles in your PJ’s, if you so choose!


Fashion Boutiques Aren’t Just for the Rich.

The next reason to try shopping online is that it's inexpensive. In the past fashion boutiques were synonymous with high prices and many women think they can’t afford boutique styles. This couldn’t be further from the truth for today’s online boutiques. After all, they don’t have to pay for a big expensive store, cashiers and managers.

Plus, it's a lot easier to go and analyze prices and know when the best deals are happening. Here at CC Reese we are always offering coupons to new customers and run sales for returning shoppers, Facebook and email subscribers!



Unique Styles

The 3rd reason to try shopping online is the fact you’ll find unique styles. Unlike the big box stores that order thousands of the same tops and can only carry 10 styles, and online boutique orders in much smaller quantities. You’ll never go through the embarrassment of running into another women on the street wearing the same shirt as you.

Not only are the styles unique, but you’ll have more choices online than you’d ever have when shopping locally. You can go bookmark your favorite sellers all in one place. Say you like a classic, simply style… there is a boutique for you. Like daring colors and being noticed in a crowd? You guessed it, there is a boutique for that as well.

It's not just the prices that are better either, but you can save on other things as well, as well since online boutiques are only desired to gather a tax from sales if they have a physical place in your state factor in the retained cost of gas and parking and you have saved yourself several expenses and many more variety of options online are a factor in the saved expense of gas and parking and you have saved yourself a lot of money!


The Latest Trends

Big Box stores order their merchandise months in advance to make sure they have the quantities available they need for the upcoming season. Unfortunately, this means they will miss out on some late developing and super-hot trends, they just simply can’t keep up. In the past, this means you would also be left without the hottest looks for the season. Not anymore!

You can now get in on brand-new worldwide trends without dropping a paycheck at a local, exclusive boutique. Not only that, but you can shop from many different retailers in other parts of the country, you can bring the hottest styles from Los Angeles to New York, and anywhere in between.

It's also easier than ever to find what actually is trending in the world of fashion. Amazing fashion blogs like Freddie Harrel and The Styled Press are always a step ahead, making it easy for you to have the latest trends right on time!

With countless unique boutiques online, you’ll have a better choice of sizes, colors, and different prints than you could ever discover in your neighborhood.

Supporting Small Business


If all other things were equal, would you rather buy from Target, Macy’s or Kohls, or would you rather buy from your neighbor down the street?

According to Small Business Advocate, almost 99.7% of businesses fall under the ‘small business’ category. These are people like yourself who are generally working their tails off to bring you a product they actually care about and stand behind. Small business owners want to bring you shirt or dress you’ll rave to a friend about. Nothing would make us happier than someone telling us they love our new floral V-neck dress! 


Wrap Up

So the next time you think about running to one of the big chain clothing stores we ask you to jump onto CC Reese and taking a look at our newest styles. We hand select each and every piece of clothing that we decide to sell and still reply to every customer email we receive!


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