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On September 27th the northern suburbs of Denver got something they had arguably needed for a long time. An Outlet mall full of clothing store options, brands that you instantly know like Aeropostale, American Eagle, Nike and Guess, just to name a few.

But what if you’re not interested in wearing the same styles and brands as hundreds of others? Or you want this season’s hottest styles, not whatever didn’t originally sell?

Well, good news. Just 5 minutes away from the Denver Premium Outlets is CC Reese Boutique, which has been voted the #1 Online Boutique in Colorado in 2017 and 2018 and runner up for Colorado Best Overall in 2018 by The Boutique Hub.

As of April 1st, 2019, CC Reese has a local store located at 1151 W. 124th Ave, suite 200 in Westminster, Colorado. Before you head to the outlets, we want to give you a few reasons to visit us instead!


The Best of Denver Women’s Clothing Boutiques

There are several reasons that shopping at a Colorado based boutique beats shopping at the outlet mall for some name brand. In this article we’ll cover some of our favorite reasons to come visit us at CC Reese before hitting the mall!

A Personal Touch

We are literally here every day. Take a look at our about page and you’ll see the same faces that you see when you walk into our retail location. You’ll be able to talk to one or both of our owners when you visit to ask questions about the latest trends and styles. Our on-site dressing rooms and huge selection guarantees you’ll leave with something you like.

At the Denver Premium Outlets, let’s face it, you’ll likely be talking to a high school or college student about a product, and brand, they don’t truly care about. We love every piece of clothing that we carry, we wouldn’t order it otherwise!


Tara Striped V-Neck

Quality Women’s Clothing

There is a reason outlet mall stores are able to bring you such great deals. Many outlets either stock damaged goods, or ones that were produced specifically for these stores.

Damaged goods could be something as small as the logo being slightly misshapen, or the text being slightly crooked. It could also mean that you’re getting something that has a stain, or where the stitching is wrong. Be sure to closely check any clothing that you see at outlets!

The other quality issue that is harder to see is when a brand specifically makes things for an outlet store. These products often come with fewer features, cheaper fabrics, or low-quality materials in order to bring the consumer a supposed discount!

At CC Reese we hand pick every item we sell so that you know you’ll be buying quality merchandise. Not only that, but it’s stylish and trendy items that we wear ourselves!


Trendy Boutique Options

The problem with buying in bulk, like most if not all of these outlet stores do, is that you have to order well in advance to get the quantities needed. If stripes suddenly become a hot trend because an “A-list” celebrity was spotted wearing them an outlet will take months to catch up.

We could potentially have that new style in the following week. In fact, we do everything we can to stay trendy. In fact, we can help you pair cute boutique tops with classic wardrobe staples to give you a ton of options.


Batter Up Tee

Competitive Pricing

One of the biggest draws of outlet shopping is the savings you are getting. The Denver Premium Outlets advertise up to 65% off their selection of brand name stores. But, if you are getting last years styles or something that has a minor defect, is it really that good of a deal?

Well what if you can get brand new, top quality items for the same price? We do our best to keep all of our items under $50, with the rare exceptions like rompers or dresses that still stay under $60.

You shouldn’t have to choose between spending hundreds of dollars on one clothing item and getting high quality products. You can, and should, get both!


Wrap Up

There are a lot of things we love about having an outlet mall so close to us, but after reading this article hopefully you realize for clothing items the stores there may not be your best option.

We are obviously biased, but we think that boutique shopping is much better than the outlets or even big box stores. Not sure, come visit us and find out for yourself!

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